Giving Choice to Childcare Centre Owners


Whether you’re an Investor looking for a return, a Director wanting to refocus your time onto the families, or an Owner looking for a succession plan, resolving this decision is made easier with choice.


For far less than the cost of a full time employee you’ll get access to the combined experience of our team of professionals and services. If you’re a multiple centre owner, engaging Pilot eliminates the need to find one person to oversee your centres, furthermore we don’t leave!

Everything you need all in one place.

Industry leading cloud based software approved by the government for lodging attendances.

Through our digitised timesheet solution and click of a button processing, employees are paid on time, every time.

All your employees HR details digitally secured and located in one place with legally backed contracts and policies to suit.

Where employees from each of our managed services, go to seek answers to questions and be part of the larger educator community.

When you want to know what your families really think of your service, timely surveys at commencement and set periods throughout the year will let you know.

Reported by Directors fortnightly, the CMRS will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse in relation to the key numbers of the centre.

Access to the fastest growing Childcare Supplies company in Australasia, and providing all Pilot clients, bulk buying power to help reduce costs.

All of your fresh food needs just a click away through immediate access to the online ordering account of your choice.

Backed by the leading cloud based accounting program in Australia, the process of record keeping has never been easier.

The place where every policy, document and checklist is digitally stored and available at anytime to print when needed.

Access to your centre calendar so you’ll never forget important centre activities, meetings or key tasks as well as Pilot's centralised operational calendar.

Email, instant chat, video and so much more than just email. Never has communication been so easy.

Have a problem… lodge a ticket and one our team will be there to help. Most issues can and are solved over the internet in a timely manner, allowing you to get on with your day.


We’ve designed our program to ensure that as your centre grows we grow with you, we’re incentivised to help you! The benefit of this, is that in the early stages of growing your centre’s occupancy, our fees are low making it incredibly affordable.


Through our relationship with EC Supplies, the fastest growing childcare supplies company in Australasia, we’ll save you money from Day 1 through discounts linked to our bulk buying capacity.

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